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ExoLover - ecosystem for global sexual interaction on blockchain technology!

Dear readers! I am glad to welcome you again to my Golos blog! Today we continue to review the most relevant and promising projects. In the queue, we have quite an interesting and unusual project, which you definitely need to familiarize yourself with! So, we will talk about the ExoLover https://exolover.io/ project today.

So, first of all, I would like to begin a review of this project with an introduction to its idea, substantiating the essence of this idea and understanding what the purpose of this project is.

ExoLover. ExoLover is a new project on global sexual interaction based on blockchain technology, which includes a decentralized platform and innovative toys for sex toys with electronic equipment. Innovative devices are designed for sexual pleasure and are capable of conveying realistic sensations of complete sexual intercourse. A decentralized Web platform provides anonymous user connectivity, allowing them to reach the maximum level of enjoyment even without real physical contact. Users can enjoy new sex toys on their own or with partners from around the world. ExoLover https://exolover.io/ makes sexual satisfaction possible for everyone.

Very interesting and spicy project, similar to which I have not met. And immediately I want to note the really very interesting and unique idea of this project. In addition, the goal for which this project is created is a very necessary thing in the modern world and therefore I am sure that in case of successful implementation of the project idea - ExoLover will be very popular all over the world.

ICO ExoLover. Let's move from explaining the idea of the project to the information directly concerning the ICO itself and the sale of the tokens.

At the time of writing, there is a token sale phase, which will last until July 29, 2018. That is, at the time of writing the article until the end of the sale there is only a little more than 19 days. This is a very serious reason to hurry with the decision to invest in the project ExoLover.

The sale of tokens started on May 29, 2018, and by the time the article was written (July 10, 2018), the project has collected more than $ 2 million (2,119,400 USD). Soft Cap project is 500,000 and it has already been successfully compiled. Hard Cap project is $ 25,000,000.

In order to join the sale of EXO tokens, you must go through a simple registration on the site, which includes your name, email address and password. After confirming the e-mail you will be available Dashboard, in which you already can start the procedure of purchasing EXO tokens.

EXO tokens are sold in several stages and at the time of writing the article is Round 2, the cost of the EXO token is $ 0.9. In total, the sale goes into 4 rounds, the last of which is a ratio of 1 EXO = 1 $. You can use ETH or BTC to purchase tokens.

I would also like to mention the ExoLover project team. The team consists of quite professional and competent people who have a lot of experience working on various successful projects. The entire team of the project is international, it includes people with different nationalities. Each member of the team can be acquainted in more detail, having received information presented on the project website, as well as visiting the profiles of team members in the social network Linkedin. Also, the presence of a social network gives you the opportunity not only to verify the reality of the existence of people represented in the team, but also to communicate with them personally, asking the question that interests you.

Summing up, definitely need to say that the idea of the project ExoLover https://exolover.io/, although unusual, but it is definitely very interesting and promising. This project is really unique, like it there is nowhere else in the world. We should also note the attitude of investors towards the ExoLover project. At the time of writing, the fees are already more than 2 million dollars. This is an excellent result! I'm sure of the ExoLover project and I'd rather see this project in action!

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