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Qilimanjaro - quantum computation at your fingertips!

Hi again dear friends and subscribers of my Golos blog. Today i wanna introduce you with one very interesting platform - QIlimanjaro https://qilimanjaro.io/. The achievements of science and technology in recent years are impressive - a simple scientific interest in this field has gradually turned into a commercial reality. Today computers have learned to solve tasks of the highest level.

This project created for the development of technologies in quantum computing. In addition to creating an affordable quantum computer, the project has many important goals. Developers will deal with software for translations, the creation of the language of quantum computation. Also, the project is actively engaged in creating a community to support the ecosystem of quantum software with the help of a system of rewards of depositors.

Within this system, all kinds of researchers, universities, institutions and any interested user can take advantage of quantum capabilities that can perform certain algorithmic implementations adapted to their specific needs.

The name of the new coin is QBIT, issued on Ethereum according to the ERC20 standard. In total, the system will have 300 million QBIT, the price of one token is 0,185 USD. You can buy coins for ETH. Soft cap campaign - $ 9.9 million, hard cap - $ 25 million.

Comparison with other platforms, performing similar functions, having similarities and services.

At the stage of preliminary sales, 33.75 million QBITs were put up. The stage began on April 15. During the period, the bonus program operated, depending on the amount deposited, the maximum bonus was 15% when purchased for amounts ranging from $ 250,000 to $ 500,000. The project is legally located in Estonia and is banned in China and the US.
ICO. At this stage, 81 million QBITs will be exhibited. The dates are not yet known.

The web page of the project is available in two languages: English and Spanish. From the first screen we are greeted by a very beautiful functional and harmonious design. All links work. The site https://qilimanjaro.io/ is very informative and contains a lot of valuable graphics. Whitepaper takes 53 pages, more than half of the document - product description and market analysis. Also on the site there is a link to the 13-page beautiful lightpaper.

The decentralized ecosystem of quantum computing services is a very promising topic. A big plus for the project is that as many as 70% of the collected funds its creators plan to invest in further developments. The most progressive and advanced technologies in our time are able to rapidly change, for months and years, the economic model of a particular sphere of human activity. Most likely, the project has a great future.

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