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CINDX - Cryptographic Assets Trading Platform



trading of crypto currencies on this digital age is one of the strongest perspective of crypto technolgy. it represents the fundamental element of enjoying the right type of investment in a exquisite manner. that is what the blockchain offers for the customers. it maintains the exciting detail of crypto-management and foreign money mining in a dynamic and profound manner. that is the primary point of the Cindx blockchain platform. basically, the Cindx blockchain platform represents the creative and unique platform for crypto trading past the norms for traders. it captures the very element of change and increase in the trading, replacing, sales and resales plus buyers making an investment construct for customers. this is the dynamic the front of the Cindx node.
The Cindx is a platform constructed at the useful assemble of creating the proper manner and method for which crypto-buyers and miners can first-class trade with maximum earnings. The Cindx are the grasp buyers and miners for all crypto traders at the blockchain. This creates the proper framework for which charts, anagrams and operations may be constructed at the paradigm of re-invention in wellknown. The Cindx is a decentralised assemble and creates a prime accessibility for customers globally with a much broader reach for all customers.
CINDX offers a platform that allows any investor to pick out a supervisor for their portfolio and securely trade cryptocurrencies for an inexpensive fulfillment charge. using CINDX, investors can now get right of entry to a number verifiable, transparent information concerning individual Managers in an effort to pick a suitable buying and selling method. these records consist of a manager’s performance records, funding hazard degree, kind of cryptocurrency traded, among other things. With these records in hand, buyers can find the most beneficial solution for control of their belongings.

How Does the Platform Work?

The investor will increase his cryptographic capital by means of efficiently handling his assets via a professional dealer.

The trader earns his or her fulfillment price by using encouraging buyers' choice to recognize the marketplace and buying and selling strategies intensive.

the vendor sells superior equipment for investors, including commercial robots and news.

CINDX earns commissions on the sale and subscription to the terminal

Benefits of CINDX

The CINDX undertaking is a legally registered agency, that's supplied by way of certified specialists. The CINDX undertaking meets the necessities of contemporary rules and has a regulatory organizational structure. inside the close to destiny, an alpha version of the CINDX.alpha platform could be launched, which includes the blockchain structure and the fundamental settlement device thru clever contracts. The CINDX.market and CINDX.change additives might be constantly upgraded to add new user functionality.

The business model of the venture is based totally on the price of fee from the earnings of the investment portfolio. for that reason, if the dealer has worked without making a income, then he will now not pay a fee for the operations finished.

The work of the CINDX task consists of the subsequent regions. So, CINDX.communicate gives customers with a social network with the potential to receive fee for nice content. The CINDX.hub feature generates a user account the usage of testing and next integration of third-party software for successful trading. CINDX.dao provides customers with a balloting device for implementing improvements on a undertaking.

way to the CINDX platform, buyers are able to make investments inside the paintings of a success traders. The latter control the investor's crypto portfolio, gaining the opportunity of additional earnings, primarily based on their effectiveness of the selected trading method. each user on the challenge has a score open to viewing for different participants, i.e. trader’s buying and selling history is obvious and allows you to monetize your popularity.

CINDX solves the hassle of investor self belief as follows. digital property transferred to the management of the trader, do not depart the investor's cryptocell, since the decentralized machine lets in you to work with the belongings at the rights of management with out shifting funds to the trader.

similarly kriptovalyutnoy trading platform presents its users with an app store, market and other additional gear for successful trading.


Token Symbol »» CINX
Price »» 1 CINX = 1 USD
Bonus »» Available
Bounty »» Available
MVP/Prototype »» Available
Platform »» Ethereum
Accepting »» ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Fiat
Minimum investment »» 50 USD
Soft cap »» 3,800,000 USD
Hard cap »» 21,000,000 USD
Country »» Estonia
Whitelist/KYC »» KYC


Website: https://cindx.io
WhitePaper: https://static.cindx.io/en/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/cindx_official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cindx .io /
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CINDXPlatform
Medium: https://medium.com/cindx
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4421275.0

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