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"Once at an age, another state of mind disturbs the functioning of an established industry, EQUI is the disruptor of funding, and EQUI brings funding into innovative innovation time, enabling people to join forces and be interested in speculation With the last system, 75% of the recognized net profits from a speculation will be returned to the token holders who contribute.

The platform

EQUI is the energetic union of another digital money with an imaginative venture platform. Based on the innovation of Ethereum Blockchain, EQUI will upset the usual wandering speculation and promote the crypto group to join the emerging age of financing financial specialists. EQUI will create new opportunities for real resource speculation, innovative innovation organizations and the ability to change markets. EQUI will attract and empower pioneers by providing broad-based business learning, direction and knowledge to meet their challenge. When shipping, EQUI members will have tokens that can be traded, as well as cryptographic money. The ICO will enable the enhancement of our EQUI platform, which will capture the speculative openings. Owners of EQUItoken will have the choice to exchange their tokens for the EQUI platform, enabling them to support emerging business organizations and possibly benefit from incredible speculative wins and rewards.

What makes them unique?

EQUI will use the developed Ethereum platform to prepare and store certifications, data and exchanges, including securing venture capital, distributing benefits, sending in speculative returns and speculators. The application of digital Contracts, composed in Solidity and aggregated for Ethereum Virtual Machine, guarantees security, unshakable quality and directness for all EQUI members. The EQUItoken is a standard ERC20 token designed exclusively for use on the EQUI platform. It enables customers to participate in EQUI ventures. If the member wants to pair the token, it can be safely traded to the EQUI platform for future ventures or open trades. EQUI is an online application that is achieved through every perfect web program. Under the ICO, the platform is created entirely from the assets collected. It will be easy to use, stylishly satisfying and give all the important data to a financial specialist to design their ventures and review their portfolio.


According to the ICO, the EQUI tokens won will be distributed to the members in their EQUI wallets. To the point where the EQUI platform is fully created and expanded, members have the choice of selling the tokens out of their wallets and trading free-of-charge trades comparable to digital money.

Once the EQUI platform has been accomplished and expanded, if members need to deploy some or most of their tokens on the platform, they will enter into a fierce contract that will oblige EQUI tokens for a project. The EQUI tokens associated with the activities are sold to procure paper money at the common market price, putting resources into a task. Members do not receive an offer or comparable security in the company. Rights are legally binding. Members are unable to exchange these rights; The agreement will bind the members to the company until they are developed. By the time the task recognizes an incentive to sell or exit, 75% of the net benefit of EQUI wallets will flow back to ETH.

If members have EQUItoken on the EQUI platform, they will approach the EQUI devotional program. Members may not trade these EQUI tokens for an outsider, but may withdraw them from the platform and use them to trade against foreign trade, giving up all rights to the EQUI Stalwart Program. Due to the circumvention of the uncertainty, there can be no exchange from the EQUI platform.

Website: https://www.equi.capital/
Whitepaper: https://www.equi.capital/whitepaper/EQUI_Whitepaper_050218.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2888110.new#new
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/equicapital
Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2888537.0

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