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[Observation] - 5 Secrets To Direction


Sebastian's 5 Secrets to Direction

As a human I have always loved creating, loved to contribute, loved business and and I admit I love to win. I am competitive by nature and always do things at 100%. That is my make up. That is just who I am. That will never change either as I like that about me.

I can only be authentic, keep learning and stand by what I believe and what I am passionate about.

My greatest lessons were learnt when I lost.

I have lost plenty of times and this is mainly because I put myself into a position to win.

It is a catch 22.

Don't fear losing as this is actually where you win.

It taught me to improve, to never give up and to work harder next time.

Along with this I worked hard on my process in key areas of life to make sure I did things better and here are some triggers that I use often.

Here are 5 key words that make all the difference to the way you process your direction and this can be applied to any circumstance and at any stage of your life.

It all starts with being honest with yourself.



The truth is your truth. The truth is buried inside your head looking to escape. To find a level of emotional freedom and clarity on your life and what you really want to do, it starts with being honest to yourself. Ask yourself the tough questions and be really specific.

What do you want to do?

What are you good at?

What do you suck at?

What do you need help with?

What do you need to do to become a better person?

What will it take to get where you need to be?

What are you passionate about?

What will make you happy in regard to life action?

Sure it is tough exposing yourself to your own weaknesses however the day you do it, embrace it and you start to write down what you want to adjust and change will be the first day of a great new era.

All it takes is the truth.

Grab a pen, paper and don't hold back.



Clarity is your life "ah ha" moments. Once you establish your truths, the hard truths, you can then work towards a level of clarity that you did not have before. Sometimes it is scary and daunting as you face new challenges and realise that the life you are actually leading is an illusion to what you really want in life. Don't fear the truth. It will always be there so it is best to face it and be clear on what is right for you. Your clarity is liberating, empowering and enables you the opportunity to act on it.

Go for it! Be specific! Do everything you could ever imagine and live a fulfilled life.





Your focus should be on the bullseye of what you really want in life. Once you have established exactly what you want in life and have created new possibilities and can see new adventures ahead it simply comes down to making sure you focus on the tasks. Focus on the milestones and the steps required to take you closer. That is the process, the steps it takes. Work these out and start walking towards them. If not sure about a part of the process, ask someone who does. Get a coach or a mentor who has done it before and who can guide you. There is 0% lost pride in this approach and 100% respect to your goals and ambitions. All successful people have a great team. Find yours and focus on what you want. Be relentless.


focus red word and conceptual target with arrow reflect on white background


Effort is not just about blood, sweat and tears. Effort is all the small things that make up the daily routine. Just getting dressed in the morning is an effort and when we walk out that front door to do what we need to do it is considered an effort. We all have it in us to apply ourselves. Ask yourself this, how much effort can you apply to things you really want to do in life? Imagine applying effort to things you are genuinely passionate about. Effort is about mental and physical energy and success is built around our consistency in these areas. Just keep going and when you are having a bad day, just rock up anyway and put on your best face as these days are crucial to your success. Tick boxes. Focus on your milestones.




Consistency is the difference between those who blow hot air and those who walk the talk. Everyone knows someone who talks it up before they apply their effort. Don't be someone who breaks your own promises and lets yourself down with unachievable expectations. Keep things simple to begin with and work hard on a daily basis to get to where you need to be. Your consistency is the difference and will define your future in time. Time you have and all you need to do is consume it with your focus to what you want.

Do the things that matter. Daily.

Now go and work out your truths and find clarity. Then do it.

~ Sebastian

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