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TokenGo launces ICO!

 TokenGo launces ICO!

 Greetings to you, Friends! TokenGo launches ICO! 

We went on and on for a long time to this day, for this exciting event. Only a few hours remain, Until the launch of the TokenGo ICO platform. 

First of all, I want to thank all those who are with us today! We know each other for several months, a few of you have joined just now, we have talked about the future, made friends, read the white paper, read topics on the forums, asked questions in telegram chat. And, it is quite clear that our community is constantly growing, strong, and also that each participant contributes to the creation of the TokenGo ecosystem. Separately, I want to congratulate those investors who signed up for the Whitelist. I’m sure the unique bonuses you got will definitely make you happy! 

And in TokenGo, everything continues to go according to the plan. Most recently, we held talks with our Chinese comrades, and I can say that that ended very successfully! An agreement has been reached to introduce TokenGo in the field, and we expect the active investment to begin about a couple of weeks after the launch of the ICO. To help new friends, right now we have translated our website into Chinese, we are finishing the translation of White Paper, we post topics on the most popular Chinese forums, we connect WeChat (analogue of our Telegram). 

Similarly, we continue to work and negotiate with potential investors from around the globe, and are confident of their own success! I think that you all have managed to notice how recently the influx of participants has accelerated! We have strengthened advertising in all areas and channels. The task of our marketers is to monitor the daily conversion of each channel, collect statistics and prepare the necessary publications to build a further dialogue with its target audience. 

As all have already noticed, your opinion is very important to us. We try to take into account all wishes and suggestions. Analyze our own mistakes and do the work in TokenGo to make it as pleasant and effective as possible, because from how the foundation of the platform is now, is laid with the joint efforts and its subsequent full-format operation. Specifically to the ICO stage, we have made several important updates on your request: 

In order to exclude the visual jumps of the amount collected in Ethereum (due to constant changes in the exchange rate), we decided to fix the course daily during the day on the first transaction between each of the currencies and ETH. This will make the statistics collection more understandable and clear. 

- We added the opportunity to purchase tokens for fiat money! Now you can choose how you want to pay tokens — one of the five popular crypto currency or with the help of the usual bank cards. In the near future we plan to connect additional payment systems. Of course, as before, you can pre-calculate the necessary amount on the built-in calculator. 

- We significantly expanded the staff of administrators in the official Telegram chat and moderators for the Bounty campaign. In addition, we have Sales Managers who are round the clock ready to help any participant with any problems with investing. 

Friends, we have a lot of things to do. We have taken the right path and will necessarily pass it along with you. We will execute the Roadmap, organize a convenient for all and beneficial TokenGo Ecosystem with the contributions and growing GPT token in price. 

And we will continue to communicate. Through this blog, through video and online conferences. Through streams on Facebook. By the way, at the moment I am approving a big program for April and May months for participation in various conferences. All information will be indicated on the official TokenGo blog. I will be glad to see you live! 

In conclusion, I want to wish all of us patience, prudence, will power, to reach this path with dignity! And, of course, good luck and success! I’m sure that together we will succeed! 

Terms of purchase of the GoPower token
Short for GoPower — GPT
ICO Start — 02/27/2018 00:00 UTC
ICO Completion — 04/30/2018 11:59 PM UTC
Soft Cap — 10000 ETH
Hard Cap — 250000 ETH
Cost of 1 GPT = 0.00057143 ETH
We accept ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH 

The structure of selling the GoPower token
Total issue : 700,000,000.
Available for purchase : 600,000,000.
Strategic partners and early investors : 50 000 000.
Development team : 30,000,000.
Bounty Campaign : 20,000,000.
Regulation : All unsold tokens will be destroyed.
Increase in cost : GPT 0.5% per day from the first day of ICO.  


31 Days Left To The End Of ICO

ICO will finish 30.04.2018 00.00 UTC 

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