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Wemark - licensed photos directly from the best photographers!

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I think you have noticed how the number of digital content is increasing every year. Every day hundreds of thousands of new photos, videos and music are published all over the world. It's pretty cool, because everyone can find something interesting. However, many content creators are faced with a number of problems that prevent the truth to earn a decent reward for the work done.


We can say that at the moment the entire digital content market is concentrated in several of the largest companies with centralized management. Many content creators are forced to use the services of such organizations to license their content and protect their copyrights. At the same time, agents of such companies help to spread the content to a large audience. That ultimately affects the income of the author of the work, as for their services, the agent charges up to 85% of the total amount of work, while not having any relation to the creation of content.

There is another way that content authors often use them. These are licensing their own content, without the participation of any third parties, after which they try to independently distribute their content, but face very high financial costs. Which arise, as a rule, as a result of competition with large already popular agencies, which have a very large marketing budget.

In addition to the above options, there are also so-called content markets through which content creators can distribute their works to the consumer. But everything here is not as smooth as we would like. The marketplace charges not only a fee for distributing the content, but also some control over the rights of the content. This scheme is not transparent, so it cannot satisfy all the needs of content creators as much as possible.

So we see that this content distribution system is broken and the content creators are not getting properly the real value of their content. On the basis of all this, the team of specialists has developed a new platform that will solve all existing problems and it is called Wemark.

About the project

Wemark is a decentralized platform that is developed using Blockchain technology. This platform is designed to open a new world of digital content. Making the whole process transparent, safe and without third-party participants.


Thanks to smart contracts presented on The wemark platform, all content creators will be able to set the price themselves, while receiving 85% of its sale directly to their wallet, where only 15% of the amount will go to maintain The wemark resource itself. This approach will allow authors to personally control the whole process of selling their content. But that's not all. The features of the platform are arranged in such a way that the author of the content does not lose the copyright on any kind of its content. Due to smart contracts, he can trace the fate of his photo, whether it will be reused by the buyer for resale.

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Another nice aspect of this platform is the fact That the wemark platform will be a kind of social network where every novice or experienced photographer will be able to easily and quickly register, add their works, register all the necessary tags for search and put their work on sale. Entering your token Wemark, expanded opportunities for digital content stock photos.

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ICO and Tokens

Wemark tokens (WMK) are designed specifically for the reward system of all parties to create and distribute content. Thanks to tokens, Wemark eliminates intermediaries and allows content creators and customers to collaborate. In total, Wemark will issue 135,000,000 WMK tokens, which are based on Ethereum (ERC20). Token sale is scheduled for 07.05.2018 and will last until 21.05.2018. The starting price of 1 WMK = 0,20 $. The token distribution will look like this.

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Taking into account the rapidly developing field of stock photography, which is about 4 billion US dollars a year, the wemark project using modern innovations will be able to realize all its conceived ideas, because they are all aimed at improving the quality of interaction between the content Creator and his potential buyer. And to study the whole concept of the project in more detail, while understand and understand all the main principles of work, I recommend to study all the necessary technical documentation and information on these links:

WEBSITE: https://www.wemark.com
TELEGRAM GROUP: https://t.me/wemark
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3347524.0
BOUNTY THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3293253

MY BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1238493

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