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HubrisOne Comes with Solutions to the Finance Sector!

HubrisOne is a crypto-money project that has just been introduced. Their main goal is to link the finance and banking sector with new generation crypto coins.

To this end, we have to pay attention to the following: Today, a very overwhelming majority of the world's population uses various banks and financial institutions. We cannot imagine the increase in the worldwide use of crypto use and the rise in the market volume in general if such a work can be successful, which can integrate crypto coins into this sector.

In addition, we should also examine the advantages and disadvantages of the sector. Main problems in the sector are:

  • Banks lacking innovation. Particularly, it is also a factor that they are prejudiced against the crypto sector and find it risky.

  • Current, regulated crypto-friendly banking is not yet available.

  • Existing crypto currency solutions lack user experience.

  • There are two billion people in the world who do not use banks because of the current national problems or personal reasons (we can talk about a serious potential, albeit less than the whole world population).

  • Customer satisfaction in current activities is low.

  • There are a lot of wage cuts, slowness and disruptions especially in foreign transactions.

  • The change of user demand and the necessity of a more digital system, as well as the failure of banks to meet it.

Now it is worth looking at the innovations and technologies that HubrisOne will bring in these areas:

  • Totally linked GBP, US Dollar and Euro bank accounts.

  • Personal crypto money wallets that can open up to two hundred wallets. Moreover, you have the special access keys in your hands.

  • Low cost and fast overseas payments with Stellar and Omisego.

  • Simple and functional application to speed up customer adaptation against this new order.

  • A system where customers can spend their global expenses at no additional cost.

  • A global card where you can connect one or more accounts and lock your accounts at any time with a single click.

  • Live customer service chat support, available to all customers seven days a week.


HubrisOne is confronted with a project that will break the memorization. This was something that all crypto players were waiting for and wanted, but they also aim to include billions of people around the world who haven't fully recognized crypto coins yet. If we think of the crypto world as a ship and us as its passengers, HubrisOne is about getting new passengers on board and strengthening the community and strengthening the ship.

Website: https://www.hubrisone.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/HubrisOneOfficial
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1756728

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