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Muzika - project overview

What is Muzika
Muzika revolutionized the tune industry by using setting up an impartial and proper virtual music atmosphere that would get rid of useless intermediaries, empower musicians and clients, decentralize distribution strength, and repair the balance of economic distribution among st marketplace participants. Muzika holds the promise of the future in which compensation for tune creation is comparable to the attempt and determination put into the creative system.
Song is first digitized in MP3 form, the audio report layout is commonly compressed to simplest 3 to four megabytes in line with track on common. This innovation turned into furnished by way of all different previous media from track, including CDs and cassettes, out of date and changing industries through permitting virtual distribution. This has wonderful and terrible consequences for musicians. On the only hand, they are now able to release and distribute new tune round the arena at will. however, pervasive copyright piracy ends in a consequent decline in music income, and exorbitant commission vendors, blended to lessen musicians’ private advantage. Muzika is a undertaking whose goal is to convert the sector of song way to blockchain generation. With this platform, musical performers and their lovers turns into plenty in the direction of each different.

What troubles is this challenge intended to resolve?

Currently, song makers and their fanatics aren't receiving adequate rewards for the cost they contribute to the song international. Musicians earn very little, no matter the fact that many humans pay attention to their music and pay for it. enthusiasts additionally do no longer acquire due remuneration for numerous varieties of artist help in the form of balloting, cowl songs and so on. but intermediaries get all the cream, even though they perform minimum paintings. Muzika is designed to convey stability to the tune global and praise proficient musicians and committed enthusiasts. The platform will recover the stocks of rewards that were misplaced due to virtual piracy the usage of the blockchain technology.

A huge benefit of this platform is the presence of an already operating and publicly funded business, which is used by 2,000 energetic users and subscribers whose geography exceeds one hundred fifty international locations, as well as extra than 150 artists from 30 countries. additionally inquisitive about the project are big buyers and companions, a listing of which can be found under.

Features of Muzika network:

*Self-sustaining, Muzika platform could be complete and all the wished activities needed for a song platform may be to be had. Like comments, brainstorming, feedbacks, and others.
*A marketplace for musical mechanize and provider
*customers and sponsorships, any consumer can sponsor artist that they help as a reward for their sponsorship they will be given a few blessings at the platform that completely for sponsors.
*Musical contest applications, Muzika knows some expertise can be hidden inside the platform some auditions for the musical contest might be held inside the platform
*stay streaming for activities like concerts
*Streaming tune

How Muzika will revolutionize the music industry :

Muzika builds an environment that is pushed by artists and their fanatics who are rewarded for the level of willpower and devotion put into track introduction and intake.

For fans :
fanatics can be rewarded for their diverse network activities (e.g. share, like) with loyalty factors, as a way to be transformed into MZK cash. enthusiasts can use MZK coins to sponsor their favorite artists, helping them and in return obtain exceptional benefits like can revel in distinct & sponsor-only products, services, and possibilities to revel in day-in-life-in their favorite artist and be involved within the creative system of a musical product.

For Artist :
not like social media platforms like facebook following, user base in Muzika will no longer handiest paintings in network activities (like comment or proportion) but will even have a danger to sponsor their preferred artist.

Muzika atmosphere may also encompass manufacturing guide to create a tune album making it viable to make song while not having to signal with a record label. The large user base and integration with popular systems like Mapia agency will assist the larger distribution, consumption of artist content and get rewarded exceedingly for his or her creativity.

further, Muzika platform will offer community packages and activities which include auditions, contests, live-streaming occasions a good way to assist the new artist to get installed and make their name.
The Founders

Inseo Chung - Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

A once aspiring pianist and a 2nd place winner of the National Student Music Competition, Inseo Chung changed his course of life when he found his zeal to be more towards business. After dropping out of high school, he decided against going to college, and instead went on to become an entrepreneur, building an e-commerce startup and a prominent social media marketing agency. Mapiacompany is his third venture and an epitome of his experience as both a young but seasoned entrepreneur and a once-aspirant musician. He came across the blockchain in 2015 and studied various aspects of its business applications since, while directly taking part in the industry as one of the earlier miners of Ethereum.

Sangmin Heo - Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder

A prodigy programmer and developer who built his web game and earned a small fortune at the age of 15. A winner of multiple awards including the Korean Olympiad in Informatics(2nd), Korea Intel Science Engineering Fair(1st). A national candidate for Intel Science Fair International Competition Software Division. An academically recognized researcher of the 28th HCLT Esteemed Research Paper for research on Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. The sole developer and owner of the famous Korean college-based social media ‘The Bamboo Network’. A young expert in both deep learning and blockchain, he is the mind and the leader of the top-notch tech team of eight. Alumni of Haiyang University, the computer science major

Jangwon Lee – Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

He is The top graduate of the most prestigious high school and university of the nation, Daewon Foreign Language High School and Seoul National University(business administration major), and a winner of multiple awards spanning diverse areas of academia from language studies to economics and business administration to art management. Besides his illustrious educational background, he is also a fluent speaker of English, Chinese, and Korean, a professional pianist, and an experienced leader in business development. He founded Piano Group The Serendipity, a professional piano group well-known in Korea for piano duets, co-founded YouthGlobe Korea, the Korean division of the international NGO Youth Globe which aims to enhance educational conditions in Burundi, co-founded Shadal Inc., the largest college based food delivery mobile application in Korea, and co-founded Mapiacompany – all during his college years.
The main features of the project:
The platform will be a network in which users will be able to rate and comment on the tracks, as well as compose entire ratings using these tools.

Want to buy an instrument and start performing? Everything is real! The project will have a section in which you can purchase a musical instrument.

3.So, you can feel like a sponsor. This will be possible if you invest in a musician. Due to this, you will have privileges on the project that only sponsors have.

4.So, you can listen to various audio recordings and watch concerts online, which is very convenient and easy!

Now I would like to tell you about the ICO of this project:
The token will be called: MZK.
In total, it is planned to release MZK tokens: 1,000,000,000 MZK tokens.
The main sales phase will go: 205 million MZK tokens.
The maximum sales target will be: 20,000 ETH.
In more detail you can familiarize with the project on their official site, and also in technical documentation of the project.

From the author:
I would like to say that I am only doing reviews on projects and expressing my opinion on a particular product, as well as the implementation of the ideas that developers offer us. I do not in any way encourage you to invest, because investment is a matter of personal decision of each user. Also, I am not a financial expert who could give advice on investments. You make these decisions strictly independently. I want to remind you that I am not responsible for your investments. Read my reviews and learn a lot of interesting things. Have a nice day!

Official Sites.






Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2002675

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