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Active key to be used to give flags?

Recently there has been a large amount of abuse with flags over on Steemit.com and its becoming a problem. I was wondering what everyone else thought of possibly making it so every flag requires you to put in your active key. Since a flag is a lot more serious then up voting i see it being very useful to prevent abuse. 

Yes I'm sure someone will make a bot to do it. If someone is taking the time to bot flag people well i guess the community finds out how they really are. Before it becomes i problem i think its best to take the steps on Golos to handle this problem before it really shows up. If you have been watching then you know someone has already came to Golos and started to abuse the flag system for personal malicious reason. 

This problem might not concern you yet but there is a chance you might say something that could make someone mad. Then they come and destroy your rep / all your post rewards just to get even. So if you believe there is something we should do say it, no need to worry if you speak up this effects everyone.

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