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Did you stop to think?

 Did you stop to think?
if in the Bible it says that it is sin man with man and woman with woman because people claim to be born already homosexuals?So these people are saying that Jesus is a liar?
Because they say that homosexuals have been born this way. This means that Jesus lied when he used his disciples to write the books of the BibleIt is so obvious that this is one of the devil's worst lies, being one of the biggest lies. For many of the weak minds are sealed in this lie.open your eyes because jesus is coming and can be at any moment, now accept jesus as the only and savior of your life. Amem!Stay with God!!!Matthew 11:11 "Verily I say unto you, among those born of women, they are no more important than John the Baptist: but he that is less is not the kingdom of the heavens greater than he." 

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