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Suffered our beloved JR Smith.

Defender Cleveland JR Smith - yes, the one that sometimes forgets the score of the match in the NBA final - got into a new mess. JR said that the NBA took offense at his tattoos. More precisely, one - with the logo of the Supreme brand.

"Today I was notified that I will be fined for every match, if I do not cover the Supreme tattoo. These guys in the office of the league are very strange, "Smith wrote in his instagram.

In 2005, the NBA introduced a dress code: the players were supposed to appear at official events only in the style of "business kazhual." No more baggy pants, gangster headbands, jerseys of other sports teams (especially football teams), giant chains and other bling-bling. The League tried to make the image of basketball players sterile, not associated with the aggressive culture of hip-hop and even more so gangsta rap.

The direct reason for setting the dress code was the famous fight between the players "Pacers" and the fans of "Pistons", as well as frequent violations of the players by anti-drug rules in the early 00's. Commissionman David Stern, primarily concerned with ratings and profits, saw how corporate partners are reluctant to make new deals with the "street" NBA.

"I turned around and began to blink everyone." He made a massacre with the fans in the stands

And then the league began to regulate how players look. The union also agreed with the initiative, and although some especially freedom-loving basketball players tried to fight, after a couple of fines for improper appearance they also resigned.

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