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Tradeqwik Wants a Trollbox and Other News

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Here is some of the Tradeqwik news for today. There will be more to come later this week.
  • The price of VIVA has once again gone up on its way to its new target peg of $10. The current price is $6.37.

  • Just a reminder that our logo contest is still on. You have until Friday to submit your best entries. We are going to have lots of fun (and most likely some agony) choosing one winner among all of them.

  • We have another bounty going on for those of you who are inclined to work with APIs. The bottom line is we want a trollbox on Tradeqwik... yesterday. And we're willing to give a generous prize for it. I heard talk of a Crown being thrown in. If that's something you'd like to tackle be sure to check out the latest pinned message in our Discord channel.

  • Our user base continues to grow. We have 855 users as of this past Friday.

  • If you have recently purchased your first whole Crown, we definitely want to include you in the Crownholder discussion and voting. Please head over to the Discord channel and mention that you are a Crownholder and we'll get you added to the proper channels.

  • I'm a little behind on both adding new Tradeqwik customers to the list for automatic upvoting and upvoting logo contest entries posted since this past Friday. Your patience is greatly appreciated. I will get to all the upvoting as soon as I can. Also, at the time of this writing, the Steemit API nodes are down, which means SteemVoter and all other services using these nodes are not working. If you know you're on the list and you're not getting upvoted that is why.

Please stay tuned for more news later this week!

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*Please note: all invitations to interact including contests, promises to upvote, etc. apply to corresponding article on Steemit

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