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BitRewards - The Future of Retail Loyalty Programs

Every year, millions of retailers spend more than $20 billion on software development, in order to stay competitive on the market.

loyalty programs cost a pretty penny. In addition, they are time-consuming and hard to set up. Quite often, customers get frustrated with these programs: they complain about their complexity. That is why most loyalty programs are unprofitable.

BitRewards - Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency!

BitRewards is a blockchain loyalty platform and the ecosystem enabling retailers to reward their customers for making purchases and friends invited using crypto-currency. It is highly valuable as they can earn Ethereum-based tokens transferred into the crypto-wallet. 

BitRewards is also beneficial for retailers because the customers will be satisfied with the rewards in crypto, and that is what loyalty means. A comprehensive loyalty program will greatly increase the retailers’ revenue. 

BitRewards will offer the program free for customers, but retailers will have to buy BIT Tokens and start rewarding users for making purchases. The cost of the loyalty program is only $200/month, therefore many retailers will be keen to be connected to the platform.

BitRewards uses AI-based predictive analysis which will help you achieve the highest investment return from every dollar spent on the rewards.

BitRewards may be integrated with such e-commerce systems as Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Ecwid, etc.

What is the role of BIT tokens and what are the prospects?

BIT Token is a type of currency providing all operations within the BitRewards ecosystem.

Online store customers, participating in BitRewards Network, will get BIT as a cash-back. Customers will automatically get the cashback into crypto-wallet via BitRewards plugin. Moreover, the  BIT balance may also be attached to the bank debit card. 

The customers can also buy BIT on the open market (e.g. exchanges) or via the Bancor Liquidity smart contract.

The value of the BitRewards token will be determined on the open market, but only after the tokens are listed on the trading platforms. In most exchanges, they can be converted into ETH, Bitcoin or fiat money. The token is accepted by all retailers using the loyalty platform and other partners of BitRewards Network.

Most likely, the demand for the BIT tokens will grow because of the limited initial issuance of 2 billion tokens and the increasing number of retailers joining the platform. 

How does it work?

Let’s see what steps retailers need to make to use BitReward:

  1. The retailers connect to the BitRewards loyalty system by installing the app.
  2. BitRewards starts working, rewarding customers with BIT for their  purchases. 
  3. BIT value may rise because of the limited initial issuance of 2 billion tokens and the growing number of retailers joining the platform.
  4. The probable BIT rate encourages customers to save their tokens instead of spending them.
  5. Customers save tokens for making purchases. They may start buying more in order to earn more tokens or spend them on a purchase.

Now, let’s see how it works for customers:

  1. They purchase something in an online store connected to the BitRewards module and see the reward system.
  2. They register via social media, email or phone.
  3. They get the confirmation of their BIT reward after purchase.
  4. They have access to the their wallet via the online store website.
  5. Each customer registered in the BitRewards loyalty system automatically receives a crypto-wallet. 
  6. Tokens can be sent to any similar Ethereum wallet.
  7. Users get a notification on a successful BIT transfer.

Consider the main aspects of ICO

Crowd Sale Start Date: April 12, 2018
Crowd Sale End Date: May 31, 2018
Token Sale Volume - up to 1,280,000,000
Token Issue Volume - up to 2,000,000,000 Distribution of Tokens: 

  • 12.00% - Reserve for liquidity 64.00% - Total for sale now 
  • 14.00% - Management 
  • 3.50% - Advisors
  • 2.00% - Bounty 
  • 2.50% - Marketing 
  • 2.00% - Contingency 

Soft cap: $3,000,000 
Hard cap: $15,000,000 

  • Listing on the exchange is planned in June-July 2018
  • All unsold tokens will be burnt 

The members of BitRewards team cannot distribute their BIT tokens within three months after the Token Issue Date. 


Before us is a demanded product, which will be in good demand, because with this platform everyone can earn good money, as well as have rewards for their purchases.What is most interesting for us as investors. Here we see already good fees in the amount of 7500 ETH, as well as there are important moments due to which the token after the release will grow:

  1. One of the main things is that all not traded tokens will be burned, which will reduce emissions and positively affect the price increase.
  2. Listing on the exchange will take place almost immediately after the end of the ICO. The funds of the team will be frozen, so after entering the exchange, the price cannot be lowered.

Dear readers, I hope this article was useful for you, and if you are interested in participating in the project, you can find detailed information to these links:

Official website

Bitcointalk Username: CapnBDL
Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=212645
My Ethereum address: 0x577FA2553Af35908072Af7fc61270fd98022002b 

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