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Beyond Bitcoin: Virgrow, Peerplays, and Viva Recording and Recent Links on Steemit

Check out Peerplays, Virgrow, & Viva with virtualgrowth, Beyond Bitcoin, and Steemit!

Last Friday PeerPlays, BitCash, Virgrow, & Viva took turns talking during Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #204 which can be listened to via Soundcloud below and/or on Fuzzy's Post. Would like to take time to share more links and information of these projects that I and others like and support.

E204 2017-04-21 Beyond Bitcoin - PeerPlays, BitCash, Virgrow, Viva!

Check out the Peerplays Homepage for more info on # Peerplays including how to join the testnet!
Upvote and support their efforts by supporting quality updates and news articles on the @peerplays account.

Who Wants To Buy Peerplays.. FOR FREE?! Get It While $SBD Are HOT! by @peerplays

Peerplays Crowdfund - New Interface Purchase Instructions by @timcliff

Watch for tournaments

Gridcoin community PeerPlays Testnet Tournament!

LiteCoin SegWit Tournament on the Peerplays Testnet! No Entry Fee With Real LTC Prizes!

Peerplays testnet is up! here's my personal highlight

Steem, BTS, and Asset Market Update 4/26 and Giveaway for 5/3

SteemStars: Development, Giveaway, History, ICO

Steem Gigs / Shop: What gigs, goods, and/or services could you offer or use?

Making Wang-Sense of WANGCHANGE and WANGCENTS

Steem assistance act of helping and working with people and communities

Will be giving away tokens at the next Beyond Bitcoin Hangout so be sure to have your bitshares usernames and Counterparty addresses!

  • Blog: http://blog.vivaco.in
  • Rocket Chat: http://chat.vivaco.in
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vivacoin
  • Steemit: @vivacoin
  • Open a tradeqwik account: http://www.tradeqwik.com
  • Twitter: http://Twitter.com/viva_coin
  • Whitepaper: http://go.vivaco.in/lp/26112/vivacoin
  • VIVA Business Applications Paper: http://blog.vivaco.in/viva-business-applications/viva-business-applications-expanding-vivaconomy/
  • VIVA Business Applications and an Expanding VIVAconomy: http://blog.vivaco.in/viva-business-applications/viva-business-applications-expanding-vivaconomy/
    • What is Viva?
      VIVA is a unique blockchain project with a technical design that evolves beyond Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Distributed Proof of Stake.
      VIVA introduces a concept called Proof of Authority; a system that delivers instant transactions and seamless consensus. Our CTO, William Banks contrasts various models in his Game of Chains article published on Steemit.(1) But to summarize, Proof of Authority disposes of certain egalitarian notions involved in weaker consensus models and replaces them with cryptographic signature proofs and business contracts enforced by the network and also backed by the network. ~Viva Coin Blog~

      Check out VivaCoin and a thank you to VivaCoin welcome me on board! by @virtualgrowth

      Vivacoin list of reading, links, and resources

      A Review of The Viva Whitepaper by @domenicthomas

      CEO of VIVA Discusses Real World Businesses Being Developed for the VIVAconomy by @badassbarbie

      CryptoCurrency: Latest Video For Viva And A Few Memes. by @lexikon082

      How to buy VIVA now with Steem or SBD / VIVAの買う方 by @boxcarblue

      How to buy VIVA coin from SBD with TradeQwik by @chrisaiki

      Introduction to VIVA, part 6 : A Game of Chains by @williambanks

      Meme challenge #14 - Entry #1 - VIVA Steem! Be the early birds! by @deanliu

      [Raffle Inside!] Welcome to the VIVAconomy! The future of finance & your financial future. by @ash

      A VIVAcoin ATM in Paris, Geneva and Nice ? The power of ICO. by @chrisaiki

      VIVA Coin: Will it pay the rent? by @vivacoin

      VIVACoin Meme Challenge by @ash

      VIVA COIN Meme Challenge: Break the Status Quo by @nepd

      We made NewsWeek! by @williambanks

      The $157 Daily Story; How To Earn Living Wage While You Do What You Love In A World Where There Are No Jobs. by @fisteganos

      Let's all enjoy these great projects and look forward to what they have to offer next!

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