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What is DataXchain?
DataXchain is “Blockchain-based Decentralized Data Trade Service”. DataXchain provides a tailored-matching service between Data Owner and Data User with our unique “Intelligent Matching Engine (IME)”.
As the Data Owner uploads My Data (Image & Sound), Data Enrichment process(Labeling & Cataloguing) is initiated, to transform the Raw Data to findable Digital Asset. With the recommend & search function the Data User decides to purchase the Digital Asset. After the purchase decision, Smart Contract is automatically executed and paid DataXchain Token (DXCT) is delivered to the Data Owner. Then the Data User acquires data download authorization to download purchased data as many times he/she desires.
Why DataXchain?
User-Friendliness Provides simplified upload procedure as well as potential value viewer service on the website and mobile APP.
Intelligence Smart data handling: With advanced AI & Big Data technology, allows automatic matching as well as cataloging service (DataXchain Engine).
Agility Strong & quick service process: DataXchain enables simultaneous yet massive process through various open source projects participation such as Ethereum Sharding project.
Flexibility Provides Seamless service to provide stable service & Flexible software architecture for the high-tech application.
Security enhancement & real-time tracking: DataXchain enforces security with Smart Contract powered by Blockchain network and separate key-value storage.
Accuracy Prevents filter bubble with automatic matching process based on the diverse hybrid algorithm.

DataXchain is a “Blockchain-based Decentralized Data Trade Service”. DataXchain provides a tailored matching service between Data Owners and Data Users through our unique Intelligent Matching Engine (IME) and transactions are facilitated and recorded by Smart Contracts.
Following a purchase decision, a Smart Contract is automatically executed and a paid DataXchain Token (DXCT) is delivered to the Data Owner. Then, the Data User acquires data download authorization to download purchased data as many times he or she desires.
Data Matching Service
DataXchain offers a seamless P2P data matching service for Data Owners with image and sound sources and Data Users (public or private).
DataXchain ensures that personal data will be delivered to the right destination. Digital assets uploaded directly from the Data Owner or data converted with the Data Enrichment process are recommended to the Data User with DataXchain’s Intelligent Matching Engine. To ensure a smooth decision-making process, both a search and a preview function are also provided to all users.
The Smart Contract is executed to guarantee a secure and accurate purchase process. The Data Owner receives a fine amount of DataXchain Tokens (DXCT) for sold data. Every transaction is recorded on the distributed ledger as immutable purchase evidence, thus minimizing the risk of fraud.
Data Enrichment
One of the features of DataXchain that distinguishes it from other similar platforms is its powerful, one-of-its-kind technology that powers the “Data Enrichment Process”. Through this patented technology, DataXchain is able to transform raw data into highly defined Digital Assets, which constitute a distinguishable, tradeable form of data. For instance, under the process, a simple photo or video can be assigned a complete package of attributes under the system’s hyper-sensitive analytical tools which can capture even the smallest details in photos and videos. The result makes it easier for Data Users to find what they want down to the most precise attributes, while Data Owners will experience a higher pick-up rate for their data.
Just as crude oil is refined into gasoline, DataXchain brings the commercialization of My Data to a whole new level.
This is expected to be a key driver of conversion and usage, which underpins the success of every platform. For a more detailed explanation of the Data Enrichment technology.
Data Wallet
DataXchain has a wallet function that empowers users to take control of their data and sell them through the DataXchain network. Apart from displaying the amount of DXCT users have, users are also able to inspect the potential value of Digital Assets in DXCT and trace every transaction, in the usage history.


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