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Virtual Reality and Blockchain - redBUX vs OKOin


Today I would like to try to compare two similar (in my opinion) projects. Both of them provide users with virtual reality (VR) adult content using blockchain technology, which makes all payments absolutely anonymous.


Pre-Sale START:
redBUX: March 22 

OKOin: January 25


 redBUX: May 15

 OKOin: April 25 

 Collected at the moment (rough calculation):  

redBUX: 15,000,000$ - (The number of collected tokens divided by the price of the token)

 OKOin: 37,000,000$ - (During the ICO 1 ETH = $700) 

 This is certainly a very rough estimate, but even with this view, it is clear that companies are about equally successful in ICO, taking into account the difference in the time of the beginning and end of ICO.  


The main difference between these two projects is that in addition to watching VR adult movies and being in the video chat, redBUX users will have access in vrXcity, where they can fully interact with porn stars and each other, create their own worlds, where all fantasies become reality. If watching VR movies is a full-fledged effect of presence, then being in there is a full-fledged effect of participation. But if the admission to vrXcity is free of charge, then the user pays for special content with redBUX tokens. That is, if we're talking about OKOin, we mean first of all the virtual reality headsets for $169 to view more than 500 movies in 40 different genres (at the time of writing). RedBux, among other things, is primarily interesting for its vrXcity. 

In my opinion, both projects are very interesting in terms of investment. 

  For more information click the links below:

 Redbux - Project Overview  


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 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1329037 0xb1BDb90C0F669c57af15EceD48Efa8828Ded43eA 

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