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EMP - a platform that can solve all the problems of social media


Initially, to obtain information and necessary advertising people used ordinary Newspapers. However, this era has passed, and traditional newspaper publications have been replaced by social media, which significantly expanded the opportunities not only for ordinary consumers, but also for advertisers. Moreover, they allowed to change mood masses and to influence those or other events.

At the moment, the monopolist in this area are special technology firms, called British media workers as BADD. At the moment, such firms cause a number of problems in society, including:

  • economic inequality associated with the monopoly of income distribution;
  • violation of confidentiality of user data;
  • bias towards data;
  • providing users with tailored information;
  • leakage of personal data;
  • creating a digital dependency;
  • psychological manipulation through the placement of a particular ad.

The solution to all the above problems caused by social media monopolists will be the new EMP platform.

Project objective

Among the main objectives of this project developers distinguish:

  • creating a mechanism for fair distribution of rewards from content and advertising;
  • providing support for developing social media;
  • restoration of the right to exercise control over personal data;
  • provide users with the content they want to see.


Principle of operation

All trading activities carried out on the EMP platform will be stored in the Blockchain, and will be provided for public access. It is important to note that unlike traditional monopolists, this platform will be managed directly by its users. For this purpose, Autonomous management bodies will be created.

The main participant responsible for the work of the platform will be the "witness". These individuals will be able to manage the platform's core policy, content creation, and rewards in the form of EVE coins. In addition," witnesses " can elect the heads of advertising acceptance sites, distribution of remuneration for the use of personal information, creation of applications and placement of advertising materials, which are ADD token holders. At the same time, voting for the final result of the placement of content or advertising material is held between all owners of the platform coins. It is important to note that there will be a total of 20 witnesses selected by EXP token holders.

The second participant of the platform's management system will be "the organization of witnesses of the advertising site". They are engaged in the offer and placement of advertising materials, but do not have the right to vote. These individuals represent the node that generates the ADD coins.

The third body of the management system is the" audit Committee", which consists of 21 persons responsible for the verification of copyright, protection and distribution of funds in the form of EXP coins. This Committee decides whether to allow the content to be published. Moreover, in case of multiple violations on the part of the publisher, this body can permanently block his wallet. The members of the Committee shall be elected by a vote of all users.


Among the ordinary participants of the platform are:

  • a writer who creates articles and receives an award from users;
  • the consumer is able to influence the writers by disseminating their content;
  • an advertiser that provides honest advertising to the target audience.

The main coin of the platform is EVE, which can exchange within the platform on EXP or ADD in a 1 to 1 ratio.


The second resource is ADD coins, which can be obtained by users for their contribution to advertising.


The third asset is the EXP coins-coins that give users the right to vote, which at the same time are one of the types of shares.


As part of the ICO, EVE coins will be sold, which can later be exchanged for any other platform token.

Dates and details of the ICO

In total, the developers plan to issue 1 billion coins, of which 20 percent will be sold during the pre-sales period and 20 percent during the public sales period. Preliminary sales will be carried out in the period from August 6 to September 6 this year. A public sale will be held from 10th September to the 11th of December 2018.

Cost 1 coin EVE will make 0,26 dollars.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:



It is an interesting idea to create a platform with extremely useful content and necessary advertising, which will be managed directly by users. The EMP platform is another step towards a future without monopolies. It can be joined by millions of users interested in fair content and fair advertising.

Official resources of the project EMP:

seo-social-web-network-internet_174_icon-icons.com_61537.png WEBSITE: http://everymediaplatform.io/en/
image.png TELEGRAM: https://t.me/everymediaplatform
document_3530.png WHITEPAPER: http://everymediaplatform.io/en/whitepaper/EMP_Whitepaper_EN.pdf
FB_icon-icons.com_65484.png FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/official.embp/
twitter-3_icon-icons.com_50735.png TWITTER: https://twitter.com/emp_official_tw
medium-48_46227.png MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@emp_official
YOUTUBE_icon-icons.com_65487.png YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba6YlAB608FI9wWrNrMJ7A

Cool-Male-Avatars-01_34324.png AUTHORSHIP:
bitcoin-logo_icon-icons.com_73658.png MY BITCOINTALK USERNAME: Wirrsht
bitcoin-logo_icon-icons.com_73658.png MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1975782
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