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ICO Covesting - Discount 19% ICO IS LIVE!

 We have  seen members in our community mention that COV is expensive, and we  wanted to clarify and educate our investors on why that simply is not  true.At the current stage (stage 4) of our ICO - COV token is selling at 640 COV for 1 ETH . At the ETH market price at the time of this writing ($815), that means COV is selling for $1.27 per token.

Think it is expensive? Read further!

While  many investors compare only the amount of tokens they receive per 1ETH  invested, most forget to compare the token supplies accordingly. It is  imperative to understand how the price of a token compared to its market  cap works.

If  you hold $1 out of $100, it leaves you with 1% of total supply. Same  goes for holding $10 out of $1,000 or $100 out of $10,000. It is all the  same in terms of holding % per unit. And this is what counts! Simple  math.

So ultimately it means the following: 



solution allows your users to automatically copy the  operations performed by successful crypto-forex traders and take  advantage of the profits together! Investors are achieving the same benefits as professional  cryptographic operators in the comfort of their account Investors are  rewarded with 18% of the profits by allowing others to copy their  operations.  

  1. Find the best Crypto Traders operators
    Easy to examine and rank by the performance of operations.
  2. Follow the instructions in Best Specify and then click Follow - all transactions will play automatically.
  3. Profit Together sit together and watch professional operators do the work for you.

The P2P digital asset platform The COVESTING platform is the last meeting point where successful digital asset operators meet with new entrants in a transparent, safe and efficient environment. Investors from different parts of the world can compare interest  rates in the marketplace. Hundreds of successful crypto-currency traders  operate and reflect their trades automatically to their account. While  traders benefit from the profits generated by profitable returns -  investors enjoy the ability to perform hundreds of successful  cryptographic exchanges and reflect their transactions automatically in  their account.
Traders benefit from the profits generated by trading profitability - investors benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that your funds are following a pattern of an industry professional in the comfort of their own account. 

Covesting MVP

Covesting  has an MVP that you can check out on their website. The user interface  is very well done. I have provided a couple of screenshots below, so you  can see for yourself. The integration of a social aspect looks to be  done very well. They also provide news and charts of the markets, so  this can almost be a one-stop shop for your cryptocurrency investing. I  have included a screenshot of the dashboard and “Search Traders” page  below. 


The Covesting Token (COV)

The  Covesting Token is an ERC-20 token, which means it can be stored in  Ethereum wallets. The cap on tokens is 15,000,000, which is a pretty low  supply compared to most other ICOs. There are 2 types of commission  generated by people using the platform, which the COV tokens will  receive a part of.

  1. Entry Commission — This  is charged every time an investor deposits funds to their account on  the CoVesting platform. Essentially, if an investor wants to use the  platform, they will be depositing funds. This commission comes in at 2%
  2. Platform Commission — These are the profits that are realized by copy-trading. This commission comes in at 10%.

Assuming  the platform grows and gets good adoption, the COV tokens could be very  rewarding. If you need a wallet to hold this token, check out my guide  on setting up an Ethereum wallet

Many successful coins in the top 100 in market cap have total supplies  under 20 million coins, with the price per token in the double or even  triple digits.  A great example of an ERC20 token with similar tokenomics is Metal  (MTL), which hit exchanges at the price of $1.24, very similar to the  cost of COV token now. Metal has a supply of 19.3M currently which is  similar to what Covesting will have, and is currently priced at $10.40, a 10x increase in few months! 

 Covesting Team

The  team consists of 12 people and 6 advisors. All of them have strong  backgrounds in areas related to this project, and LinkedIn profiles are  provided. Transparency has become important, so while this seems like a  small detail, it helps when doing your due diligence. 

 Website: https://covesting.io
WhitePaper https://covesting.io/Covesting_White_Paper. pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/covesting
Twitter: https://twitter.com/covesting
Telegram: https://t.me/covesting 

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