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Daily routine - day eleven - quick sketch before work

Hello everyone!

Today I got into drawing before my shift started as I got to work some 30 minutes early. I took the slow approach, browsed the news, took my pen and did a quick outline, few trees and everything else. I didn't have any idea what to draw at first so I improvised. I decided to let my mind loose.

The tower was supposed to be made out of stones and I wanted to draw each stone but I didn't have time for that because the phone started to ring and I had to go.

It was finished to the point I'm pleased with but I'm not really too happy with trees and how they turned out in general. They are all very similar and that's not good. I need to practice more and draw other types, shapes and sizes, not just round ones :)

Practice, practice, practice!

All sketches, drawings and photos are my own.

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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