Dragon Pendants Are Becoming Popular in Men’s Fashion

The subject of men’s jewelry can be quite a touchy subject since it hit the balances on the edge of masculine and feminine. With the right type of pendant, it can be an expression of one’s masculinity that even the most macho of men will accept. This may be why a dragon pendant for men is not a bad idea for a gift in 2018.

What Does The Dragon Represent?

Dragons have appeared in mythology and folklore of multiple civilizations. In particular, it was held in very high regard within ancient Chinese culture and represent wisdom, longevity, and strength. Dragons were also present in Greek mythology and they represented having a sense of clarity and long-sightedness.

A man that wears dragon-themed jewelry will express their strength, power and leadership capabilities. These are all traits that are associated with peak masculinity and dragon pendants will help highlight them at a subconscious level.

What Men Want in a Pendant

Pendants are very important in the men’s fashion but it is used differently than the way women use them. Instead of using flashy, jewel-laden pieces to be the center of their outfit, men prefer pendants that are minimalist, rugged and used to complement their clothing.

A pendant, especially dragon pendants , should be rough, rugged, and appear to be a timeless piece. If desired, it may have exaggerated features to give a hint of one’s bad-boy side, even when used with good-boy outfits.

Choosing Outfits That Go Well With Dragon Pendants

Although dragon pendants may not be the type of jewelry to take to a job interview or wedding, it can be quite versatile with your outfits. It can be used with casual outfits, like a t-shirt and jeans, to even a two-piece suit with an open jacket.

If you would like the pendant to be highly visible, you will want to use a white or light colored shirt in the background. If you use a t-shirt, try to use something with little to no imagery that takes away from the visibility of the pendant. If you wear a suit, leave the jacket open or only buttoned up below the pendant so that your undershirt is exposed. Something like a bomber jacket with a white shirt would be a great way to meet in the middle and it is in-style for spring and summer.

As you can see, there is empty space in the middle of the chest leaving a perfect spot to display a pendant.

For those that are a little more daring, a t-shirt or dress shirt with a V-neck exposing a little bit of bare chest is a good way to display the pendant. Something like a casual henley t-shirt would be perfect to pull off this look.

Dragon pendants are the perfect fashion statement to show off your masculinity and add some attitude to your outfits. If you are shopping for a dragon pendant for men be mindful of how it goes with your current outfits and color choices. High-quality sterling silver pendants may last for years and be timeless pieces that go with future men’s fashion trends.

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