My first post on Golos in 2018

螢幕快照 2018-01-19 下午9.38.47.png
Happy New Year! My Golos friends!! ^_^

Today I wrote a post in Chinese on Steemit. See the proof of post above! ^_^
如果你感覺你錯過Steem,那你還有個選擇,只是... 你可能得要...
Its purpose is to let more Chinese speaking people know about Golos and if some of them know Russian, then they can have more fun here and I can support them with my 20,000 Golos power here...

@joythewanderer on Steemit saw it and registered here as @joybijna (she probably wasn't aware that she's got an account from last September ^^) and did ann intro post as follows:

Здравствуйте Hey friends in Golos, this is Joy. I'm a newbie here.

Wish everyone have a wonderful Golos journey ahead in this exciting new year!


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